Workplace Stories

CWE has Experience

CWE has a proven track record, having worked successfully with a variety of workplaces. If you’d like to hear about some of our work, please fill out your contact details, then click the Send button.

You’ll receive stories based on the following scenarios:

  • Poor communication -the heart of a conflict: After more than two years of debilitating conflict, CWE was contacted to work with a non-profit organization. Conflict, much of which resulted from poor communication, existed at all levels of the organization: between staff and the Executive Director, staff and Board members, and among staff members.
  • A divided staff – low morale and poor productivity: The housekeeping staff in a large retirement home had formed two rival groups. When CWE was called the divisive conflict had been going on for years. The staff’s supervisor, one year into the job, needed help. In conjunction with the staff’s union rep, CWE provided a response. Staff successfully worked through the issues. Disciplinary action was avoided.
  • A new manager – the volunteer staff is up in arms: CWE was asked to work with an organization that relies heavily on a large volunteer staff. Conflict developed when the organization’s board dismissed the founding manager. The assistant manager took over on an interim basis, expecting to be hired into the position full-time. When she wasn’t, conflict developed between her and the new manager. The assistant manager was later also dismissed fuelling volunteers’ anger.
  • Debriefing- using a Restorative approach for team strategy: Apprehension of children is extraordinarily stressful for workers in child welfare organizations. With the help of CWE, one such organization has altered its team debriefing strategy after each apprehension.
  • Building healthy staff relationships: staff meetings with a difference: Seeking to develop good work relationships and staff engagement, an organization has effectively used CWE to restructure its monthly staff meetings.
  • Facing a financial challenge – engaging staff in the decision-making process: When an organization could not avoid financial cutbacks, CWE provided a way forward. Cuts were implemented without division or strife, staff commitment increased and no one left the organization.