Special Offer during COVID-19

Special Offer During COVID-19

Dear friends,

These are challenging times to say the least. How are you doing?

There’s lots to learn as we endeavour to support each other and stay connected building healthy workplaces.

Some questions that come to mind as we move through the COVID crisis:

  • How can we virtually connect while physical distancing?
  • How can we provide emotional support?
  • How can we provide team support?
  • How can a leader lead WITH during this crisis?
  • What expectations do we have of each other?
  • How can we support each other?

To help you find a way to consider the questions on your mind, the Centre for Workplace Engagement is available for support.

We are offering, at no cost to you, a one-hour video conversation with a Centre for Workplace Engagement facilitator and your work-group, department, or management team.

This is an opportunity for you to explore a topic of your choice and consider, e.g.:

  • How things are going
  • How people are being affected
  • The hardest thing for those involved
  • What you may need to move forward

If this sounds useful to you, the Centre for Workplace Engagement will work with you to structure a one-hour conversation that meets your needs.

Interested? Please contact Anne Martin, Centre for Workplace Engagement annem@centreforworkplaceengagement.com

Stay well!