Our Organization and Services

Is your workplace:

  • In transition?
  • Hiring?
  • Laying off?
  • Experiencing conflict?

CWE helps workplaces:

  • create good employee relationships for a productive workplace environment
  • find an effective way to respond to conflict

CWE offers straightforward and easy-to-learn practices improving:

  1. communication, collaboration and team-building
  2. leadership and decision-making
  3. the capacity to respond to conflict

We consulttrain and facilitate, under your direction.


CWE is set up to help you meet the three pillars of the Canadian Standard Association’s Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Practices can be used for:

  • day-to-day employee support
  • workflows
  • creating a culture where employees CAN ask questions
  • having effective and respectful conversations about difficult or contentious issues
  • team building
  • effective meetings
  • developing job descriptions
  • employee evaluations
  • problem-solving
  • developing procedures and policies
  • attending to conflict

More and more companies are embracing Restorative Practice by the Centre for Workplace Engagement—with real results. Click here to receive stories of the difference that the CWE has made in a variety of workplaces.

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