Our CWE Team

Note: All CWE practitioners are fully qualified in the cooperative disciplines of Restorative Practice, refer to IIRP references within this site

AnneAnne Martin, PhD

Anne is a director with a mental health organization, specializing in resolving situations of organizational conflict. Her career has been dedicated to leading innovative projects in the sphere of human development. Prior to her current focus, as a leader within major national organization she was instrumental in projects for improved community dynamics and resource development. Anne is a certified trainer in effective techniques for improved workplace culture.

MarkMark Vander Vennen, MA
Mark is the executive director of a major mental health network. In this position Mark has full responsibility for all aspects of organizational operation, from the management of teams of health professionals, through organizational finance / budget control, to the initiation of innovative programs within the organization. Mark is fully qualified as a trainer in techniques of organizational improvement, and considers improved health in workplace engagement as the major issue to business today.

simoneSimone Robinson, MA
Simone has a Masters in Psychology from The University of Vienna, and has taught organizational behaviour at the University of Linz in Austria. In her home country of Austria she was a frequent seminar leader for government and business. Since arriving in Canada she has continued to pursue these life passions in leadership coaching and related professional pursuits. Simone has a strong personal commitment to business success through improved team engagement.

stanStan Baker, MA
Stan has dedicated the majority of his career to improved practices within the field of education, operating as the head of an educational institution and in various leadership positions during his professional life. He is currently dedicated to the area of conflict resolution in the workplace, and has been involved personally in the effective management of contentious situations in both union and non-union workplaces. Stan is a fully qualified trainer in many related subject areas.

bruceBruce Schenk
Bruce is the Director of the International Institute for Restorative Practice – Canada. Bruce is dedicated to the teaching and promotion of methods of improved human relationships within organizations. In addition to his focus on Canada, he also teaches and lectures worldwide on maximizing organizational engagement using the techniques of Restorative Practice.

RonRon Cameron, M.Ed.
Ron has a lifetime career in Education, leading organizations to improved efficiency through improved human potential. In addition to working directly in the educational field, Ron has used his skills working with youth detention centres in the resolution of complex human interaction issues. Ron is also well respected working with police authorities to resolve particularly difficult situations involving contentious community relationships. He is now dedicated to applying his knowledge to help improve engagement and cooperative efficiency in the workplace.

GeoffGeoff Bateman
Geoff brings significant professional experience in his career with several large business organizations, including Rolls Royce, IBM, Canadian banks, insurance and communications companies. He now helps CWE with our project and process organization. Geoff’s professional experience has been in senior management for the development of major software initiatives, and now he has chosen to focus on promoting employee engagement as a key element of business success. The major learning in his career has been that the success of an organization is built on the cooperative effectiveness of the teams within it.